Rasta Kitty


Rasta Kitty aims to spread peace, love and unity to the masses! 

99% of the total supply has been locked away forever, in Uniswap’s v3 ECR-20 Smart Contract.

$RAS Contract, Renounced by its Owner – Solely Community Driven.


Rasta Kitty is a honest meme token with no utility, and was born to speak a message of, “Peace, Love & Unity,” to the masses. A meme token solely for the community, driven by its community autonomously.

$RAS token is completely scam & rug proof..! Not only has the contract been renounced by its owner, 99% of the tokens are locked in Uniswap’s v3 ECR-20 smart contract, and cannot be removed from the liquidity pool.

Doge, Shiba, Floki, and the rest..! Have all had their day. Now it’s Rasta Kitty’s time to shine.

Rasta Kitty welcomes you with open arms. Let’s join forces and send Rasta Kitty way above the stratosphere.


$RAS is an ERC20 token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The unique code integrates the capital efficiency of Uniswap v3 to provide liquidity on exchange.

Uniswap v3 allows us to deploy single sided liquidity to one side of the pool without the need to provide an equal amount of both tokens. There are a number of advantages to v3’s concentrated liquidity:


  • Better capital allocation and more efficient use of funds
  • More control and planning over pricing and growth curves
  • Concentrated liquidity for LPs to focus around specific price ranges
  • Concentrated fee revenue for 3rd party LPs (Liquidity Providers)
  • Increased liquidity due to LP fee incentives
  • Lower slippage for traders due to increased liquidity


  • Total Supply: 500.000.000 RAS
  • Uniswap: 495.000.000 RAS Locked 🔒 For Ever
  • Marketing: 2.500.000 RAS
  • Team: 2.500.000 RAS
  • No Need For Liquidity Locks
  • No Need For LP Locks
  • Rug Free
  • No Bullshit
  • Community Driven

How To Buy



Purchase ETH

You can purchase ETH on Binance, Crypto.com or any exchanges excepting ETH.



Send ETH to MetaMask or Trust Wallet

Create a MetaMask or Trust wallet (can be downloaded on app or play store). Then send your ETH from your exchange of choice to your chosen wallet.



Swap ETH for $RAS

Connect your MetaMask or Trust wallet to Uniswap, then paste our contract address into the token field to swap ETH for $RAS. Always confirm the official contract address.



Confirm swap and watch it go to the moon!

Once you have put in the amount of ETH you would like to swap for $RAS, press the “swap” button below to confirm it. Then sit back, relax and watch $RAS launch to the moon!


email: support@rastakitty.com

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